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Next Level Racing is starting a new partnership with Virtualdrivers by TX3, a semi-professional Esports simulation team based in France and founded in 2006 by Stephane Koch.

The team’s drivers are of all levels but the professional section has allowed the team to win several championship titles and other important ones such as the most recent: World Champion Dirt 2021.

The virtualdrivers evolve at a competitive level on various simulations: Dirt, Raceroom, Iracing, Gran turismo.

Its experience, its visibility and its notoriety make it one of the amblematic teams of the simracing scene.

Stephane Koch

It is with great pleasure that we have decided to associate the TX3 image with the Next Level Racing brand, which shares our values ​​and our ambitions. Their simulators are aimed at various profiles of simracers and our team also aims to promote the leisure and competitive aspect. The quality of their products will only advance the comfort and driving precision that our drivers need.