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TX3 Zenvoh
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Your name and surname? Josh Falcus

Your exact PSEUDO TX3 you want? TX3 Zenvoh

Your Customer ID? 76561198322283975

Your age ? 17 (18 3rd of October :D) 

How did you know us? Ulti told me about TX3 during the AOR endurance league. 

For what purpose do you want to become a member of the TX3 association? I hope to start playing more racing sims and hope to start racing in more competitive leagues.

Time spent on Pcars per week? I play Pcars2 quite a lot of the time as it’s the only sim I race on at the minute. 

Do you regularly use the net, and frequent the forums? Yes.

What is your favorite series on Pcars? GT3, LMP2 and GTE. 

Your goal in integrating our team? I hope to improve my racing ability and try to improve. 

Do you agree to come often on discord which is for us the base of our exchanges? Yes

Have you read the charter of adhesion to the pole Pcars:  😕 Yes

Posté : 02/10/2018 4:32
TX3 Couffi
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thx for tour registration,

sorry i didn’t have time to talk with you, but we’ll try to make the best quickly to get you with us 🙂

Posté : 08/10/2018 11:16
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